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Fiber coupled laser

Fiber Coupled Laser

Compact design UV-visible-IR Proved in system High efficiency

CrystaLaser provides fiber coupled lasers and fiber-delivered solid-state lasers which are excellent excitation sources for fluorescence imaging applications.Fiber Coupled Laser Image The (405 nm, 445 nm and 488 nm blue), the (532 nm, 555 nm, 561 nm green-yellow), (633 nm, 642 nm, 660nm, 671 nm, 690 nm and 785 nm red) and 808-1680 nm infrared series come with an robust connectable fiber delivery system. Direct fiber output or collimated output options are available.

  • Optical fiber options: Single mode fiber or single mode PM fiber with option of FC/PC or FC/APC output connectors. The FC/PC connector is a default connector for all fiber output including single mode fiber, PM single mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. For laser coupled with multimode fiber our standard multimode fiber is 62.5 micron core diameter and 3 meters long fiber with FC/PC connectors for both input and output ends. Typically fiber coupling efficiency for standard multimode fiber coupling with is >85%. The multimode fiber core size of 100 micron, 200 micron or 400 micron fiber is available.

  • The single mode fiber are much smaller core size and it is related to laser wavelength. Typical core diameter of 4 micron for laser wavelength 532nm. It is more difficult to coupling single mode fiber than mutimode fiber. Typically single mode or PM fiber coupling efficiency for a TEMoo mode laser is around 45%-75%.

  • Polarization Maintain (PM) fiber is one kind of single mode fiber, the output beam will maintain the laser polarization and the output beam is single mode diffraction limited beam.

  • The standard connector for the fiber is FC/PC for multimode fiber. FC/PC or FC/APC connector for single mode fiber and for PM fiber. For single mode fiber coupling, it is recommend to install an optical isolator to prevent the back-reflection from the fiber coupling and keep the laser operation stable.

  • CrystaLaser also offers Nordic Combiner - combine multiple wavelength lasers into one beam which can be coupled into a single fiber which is a multimode fiber, or a single mode fiber, or a PM fiber. Nordic combiner fiber coupled system also provides superior laser power stability from 10 to 40 degrees C to support consistently high quality images. With option of output collimator the result is superior pointing stability come out from the collimator. When you need a superior power stability of the single mode or PM fiber output over the temperature range from 10 to 40 degrees C, please select Nordic Combiner to meet the requirement, even it is for only one laser

  • Fiber coupled laser, single mode fiber coupled and multimode fiber coupled laser system with ultra-compact laser housing for diode-pumped solid-state DPSS lasers and compact diode red laser, green laser and violet blue laser and infrared lasers

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