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Violet laser, violet blue laser and violet laser module and violet diode laser system

Violet Blue Laser

Ultra-compact High reliability High stability Low noise

  • CrystaLaser designs and manufactures state of the art ultra-compact violet blue laser systems. The laser system is a circular beam output and equipped with temperature control TEC. Our lasers feature with high reliability, high stability, high efficiency, low noise and excellent laser beam quality. These lasers are specifically designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.
  • Compact Violet blue laser
  • New blue laser products:
    • 430 nm 50mW and 488 nm 260 mW blue laser outputs circular single mode beam
    • 75 mW 405 nm and 488 nm single longitudinal mode and TEMoo mode violet laser
    • Any violet laser wavelength from 390-465nm is available in single longitudinal mode
    • True CW Ultra-Violet (UV) single longitudinal mode laser at 375 nm up to 30 mW
    • Low noise, TEMoo mode 260 mW 473 nm blue laser and 150 mW 488 nm blue laser
    • Ultra-stable CW violet blue laser at 405nm 420nm 430nm 440nm 456nm 473nm and 488nm output stability 0.5% over 24 hours
    • Ultra-fast modulation up to 200 MHz option for violet laser is available now
    • Compact Q-switched pulsed Ultra-Violet UV blue laser are available at 349 nm, 351 nm, 355 nm, 440 nm, 447 nm and 473 nm.
  • Wavelengths of the CW violet blue lasers: 375nm, 390-425nm, 405nm, 420nm, 430nm, 442 nm, 456nm, 462nm, 473 nm, 430 nm and 490 nm.
  • The blue violet laser systems are easy to use, plug and play, no cooling fan, no cooling water required, no noise and no vibration during laser operation
  • The compact violet Lasers are based on our proprietary laser design technology. This new technology allows our violet blue crystal laser to operate in TEMoo mode with low amplitude noise and extremely low power consumption in a compact laser housing.
  • If you need special configurations of the blue laser, please contact CrystaLaser directly.
  • Please download the specifications of

    Violet Blue Laser Specifications (download)

    Wavelength (+/-5 nm)
    laser Max. output
    TEMoo laser Max. output
    SLM laser Max. output
    CW output model
    Transverse mode
    Beam diameter (1/e2)
    Beam divergence
    Longitudinal mode
        SLM available
    Spectrum linewidth
    Output stability
    Beam point stability
    Noise (rms)
    Operating temperature
    Size of laser head
    Size of power supply
    Warm-up time
    Operation voltage
    Power consumption
    375       405     390-435     440-462      473          488 nm
    250       1W          1W             4W           1W           2W
    60         400         200            450           260         260 mW
    25          75           50              50             75            50 mW
    0.5W-2W*, 300, 200, 150, 100, 80, 50, 25, 10 mW
    TEMoo, M2<1.3
    1 mm
    0.6 mrad
    Multiple longitudinal mode
    Single longitudinal mode with > 50 m coherence length  
    1 nm, nominal; SLM version: < 0.0001 nm
    <1 % over 24 hours
    +/-0.005 mrad/C
    Vertical, ratio 100 : 1
    <0.5 %, 10Hz-20MHz
    10 to 40 degree C
    3 x 3 x 12 cm with a fixed 6 mm thick base plate
    AC: 5x14x15 cm (2x5x6 inch) DC: 3.5x8.5x12.7 cm
    30 seconds
    11-18 VDC or 90-250 VAC
    Typical 6 Watts
    TTL modulation, analog modulation, single mode or mutimode fiber coupling options are available for all lasers.
    * Laser beam of 700 mW to 1W, 405 and 445 nm laser is 1.5x2.5 mm, M2<3; 1W to 4W 405 nm and 445 nm lasers are available in fiber coupled output

    473 nm Blue Laser Specifications (download)

    CW output, mW
          Low noise option
    Transverse mode
    Beam diameter (1/e2)
    Beam divergence
    Output stability, rms
    Beam point stability
    Polarization ratio
    Longitudinal mode
        SLM available
    Spectrum linewidth
    Operating temperature
    Operating voltage
    Warm-up time
    Power consumption
    Size of laser head
    Size of power supply
    473 nm
    200, 150, 100, 75, 40, 25, 10, 5; Noise <3%(1Hz-5kHz)
    70, 50, 25 mW; Noise <0.5%(1Hz-50MHz)
    TEMoo, M2<1.2
    0.25 mm
    3 mrad
    <2% over 8 hrs; Ultra-stable option: <0.25% over 24 hrs
    +/-0.005 mrad/C
    > 50 : 1
    2-4 longitudinal modes
    Single longitudinal mode with >100m coherence length
    0.1 nm, nominal;         SLM version: < 10-5 nm
    10 to 35 degree C
    90-250 VAC or 9-20 VDC
    1 minute
    15 W
    3 x 3 x 12 cm with a fixed 6 mm thick base plate
    AC: 5x14x15 cm (2x5x6 inch) DC: 3.5x8.5x12.7 cm

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