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Laser Combiner-Nordic Combiner Laser Engine from CrystaLaser

Nordic Combiner - Multi-color Laser Combiner

Combine 4 lasers to 1 Single fiber output 40+ wavelengths High stability and efficiency Multiple colors Compact combiner

  • CrystaLaser has one of the largest wavelength selections of lasers in the industry. CrystaLaser designs and manufactures compact and stable Nordic combiner, which combines multiple color, multiple wavelength lasers into a single beam output. The laser beam will be in the same direction and overlapped together and output from the same aperture.
  • The Nordic Combiner can combine the diode laser systems and the DPSS laser systems together into one beam or one fiber output, enable flexible OEM integration. Up to four lasers selected from our wide wavelength range of laser products can be combined in the compact Nordic Combiner.
  • The combined multiple color laser beam can be coupled into a single fiber which can be a multimode fiber, a single mode fiber, or a polarization maintained fiber; and the output end of the single mode fiber or PM fiber can be optional installed a laser beam collimator to get a collimated laser output with a beam size of around 0.8mm or other beam size according to customer's requirement.


    • Combine up to four different colors of the laser beams into one beam with option of one fiber coupled output or free space output.
    • Each lasers can be individually control on/off by TTL signal up to 20 MHz. High speed digital modulation allows for fast switching of laser wavelengths in arbitrary patterns for complex experiments;
    • Analog control option is available to control each laser's output power level.
    • Our proprietary thermal management technology allows the Nordic combiner to be stable output for the multiple lasers and with low power consumption in a compact housing. Single mode fiber coupled system can reach a stable output within 2% over 24 hour
    • For your special requirements of combining multiple wavelengths from UV visible to infrared lasers, please contact CrystaLaser directly.


    The Nordic combiner laser engine is suitable for the applications that need lasers with multiple colors in biophotonics (microscopy, cytometry, DNA sequencing etc.) and metrology (scatterometry, ellipsometry), interferometer and holography. These applications require a flexible laser source that provides several wavelengths from one optical fiber.
    • Confocal Microscope
    • Flow Cytometry
    • Fluorescence
    • Optogenetics and Neuroscience
    • Genomics
    • Rhodopsin Stimulation
    • Pharmaceutical Research
    • White light holography

    Common Fluorochromes

    Wavelength			Associated Fluorochrome			
    375nm    Blancophor SV      Calcein Blue     Dapoxyl            LysoSensor Blue	
    405nm    Alexa Fluor 405    Cascade Blue     Dylight 405        Pacific Blue 	   DAPI
    445nm    Alexa Fluor 430    AmCyan	     Lucifer Yellow     Sevron Orange
    473nm    AcGFP1		    Fura Red         Midoriishi Cyan    Procion Yellow
    488nm    Alexa Fluor 488    Cy2              Dylight 488       	Fluorescein
    515nm    Astrazon Red 6B    Magdala Red	     PhiYFP		Sulphorhodamine B
    527nm    RH 237		    TurboYFP	     ZsYellow		Ethidium Homidimer
    532nm    Alexa Fluor 532    NeuroTrace530    Propidum Iodide	LysoTracker Yellow
    561nm	 Alexa Fluor 568    Alizalin	     mTangerine		Rhodamine          Cy3    
    593nm	 MCherry	    mPlum	     Texas Red		mRaspberry
    633nm	 Alexa Fluor 633    APC-Cy7	     Nile Blue	  	Allophycocyanin
    640nm	 DilC1		    NeuroTrac 640    TO-Pro-3		TOTO-3
    647nm	 Alexa Fluor 647    Cy5		     BODPY 650		Dylight 649 
    660nm    Alexa Fluor 647    SYTO 63   	     BODPY 665
    685nm	 Alexa Fluor 680    Cy5.5	     Dylight 680 
    750nm    Alexa Fluor 750    Cy7		     Dylight 750
    785nm    Alexa Fluor 790    IRDye 800	     Dylight 800

    Nordic Combiner

    System Parameters   (click here to download the brochure)
    Beam to Beam overlap          	<0.05 mrad
    Beam pointing stability       	<0.02 mrad
    Output stability              	<2% over 24 hrs
    Polarization ratio            	100:1
    Transverse mode               	TEMoo, M2<1.2
    Single mode Fiber collimator  	Beam diameter (1/e2) 0.8 (+/-0.1) mm
    Operation temperature         	10 to 35 oC
    Dimensions of combiner      	6x19x35 cm3
    Warm-up time                  	2 minutes reach 95%
    Operation voltage             	90-250VAC or 12-15VDC option
    Typical power consumption     	<50W for four lasers
    * contact CrystaLaser for detail

    Diode pumped violet laser, blue laser, green laser, orange laser and red laser

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